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I am a woodworker from Estonia and this is my blog about my woodwork and building my website .

From time to time I will post some magnificent artworks from

wood that I find on the internet .

Male stool for Ladies

Posted By on March 1, 2011

by Silas Kopf

“Kiss my Ass” by Silas Kopf


I read somewhere that the real master to not copy the work of other masters, but instead steals the ideas.

I stole the idea of making this tabouret from grate marquetry master Silas Kopf who made a chair “Kiss My Ass”.

I do not have that much patience to make such detailed work, but I wanted to make my version, so I make a simplified stool “Lick Me”.

I’m not an artist, I’ve never been able to draw (these two sketches are not made by me).
That’s why the starting took a lot of time, I asked workmate to draw a sketch for me.
But I did not like these versions, then I took a mirror and I was a model for myself.
And that’s what I came up with:

making a stool 1
Here are some pictures of the making process:
making a stool 2making a stool 3
And here is the finished product:

Tabouret -“ Lick Me ”

Tabouret “ Lick Me ”

Because of this stool is designed for women and I was the model for it, it is of course a male stool.
And that’s why it just had to have something between the two legs.

Male Stool - “Lick Me”

Male Stool “Lick Me”


Two wooden blotch wall hangings

Posted By on December 23, 2010

I have ugly brick wall on my workplace that I stare every day, so I decided to decorate it a bit.
These are made of pine that I got from a glass containers.

I’m not happy with the result, I wanted something bigger, and something that resembled more of the melted timber.
But okay, I probably have to do more of these.
Besides, I think the wall looks much prettier already.

Most importantly, they are attached by a single screw, so I can turn them every day to a new position, and have every day a new view.

Wooden clothes rack/shelf “ Splash ”

Posted By on November 16, 2010

My daily work is glazing doors and windows.
Luckily, I have an agreement whit my boss that I can keep lumber from glass containers and sometimes its valuable timber indeed.
For example, this shipment:


Because it is raw lumber , then a few boards crooked in the drying process.


But this does not mean that they can not be used.
You just need to be imaginative and use this curvature to your advantage.

halfway done

Here are two pictures of the gluing process:



And here are the finished product “ Splash ” :

About my blogging

Posted By on July 5, 2010

Few days back I started a sub section of my woodwork collection blog:  Erotic Woodwork

I had this idea for about half a year, but never had the will or time to carry it out.
There I present a beautiful woodwork examples, that I found on the internet and I make few humorous posts that are related to woodworking.

These works of art and the jokes are for adults only !
So check this site out by clicking on those lovely lady’s

Erotic Woodwork

Finished brush stem or mop handle

Posted By on April 15, 2010

Finally I got time to finish my brush stem and make a little blog entry.
Here are few pictures of the finished product:

crest stem

My new crest stem

brush stem

crest stem compilation

crest stem compilation

My colleagues could not understand why I do it, they said, “Go into a shop and buy one”.
But I am woodworker and I’d like to make it by myself.

Update on my crest stem

Posted By on April 3, 2010

I sacrificed my lunch to do some more operations on my new crest stem.
Since this was my first time to make handcut dovetails, I make an error on first marking, I was rushing and not thinking clearly.

wrong dovetail

wrongly marked dovetail

correct dovetail

properly marked dovetail

And now after the dovetail was cut and joined ( unfortunately, I do not have the right tools , that is why it is not too nicely done ).

joined cross dovetail

joined cross dovetail

after milling

after milling

And now , if You interested , how the cross dovetail was made , here is a picture which explains it:

un-joined cross dovetail

unassembled cross dovetail

Start of a one more crest stem

Posted By on March 24, 2010

Today I went to work one hour earlier and used half of the lunch to start a new crest stem.
Some of the wood blanks I had already selected earlier. It takes a lot of time to choose from pile of scraps whits particular piece of wood to use .

So , here are all pieces ready for glue up:

before glue up

Ready for glue up

And here are the blank glued:

glue up

And here the blank when glue was dry:

after glue up

after glue up

I used 10mm sticks to make waves, however, the effect would have been better if I used at least 15mm sticks, next time I will.

Mop handle with a twist

Posted By on March 20, 2010

I have long been fed up with these broom stem breakages , so I decided to make one unbreakable mop stick by myself.
I have a lot of wood and veneer scraps, so I picked some:
wood scraps

When I made the gluing , I thought that I shall give it a little twist:
blank of mop handle

After that I used several different hand and power tools to get the billet rounded.
And then a lot of sanding on lathe:
sanding on lathe

And finally here it is, a really strong mop handle with a twist :
mop stick
mop stick detail

Woodwork humour

Posted By on March 4, 2010

You know you’re a woodworker if/when:

1. You know the wood species of each of the splinters in your hands.

2. You line up your splinters after removing them from your hands and try to identify them.

3. when driving the wife wants you to look at a nice house and all you see is the trees around it.

4. You cut a huge gash in your thumb with a chisel and instead of being concerned about the blood spilling from the wound, you’re proud that you honed the chisel to razor-sharp. At least the cut will heal faster!

5. You dream about tools, sometimes even daydream.

Unique design storage cabinet from Lakewood, Colorado

Posted By on January 4, 2010

This Dead Cabinet is made by Nic Kaufman & Steve Weber.
They made it during their senior year of high school in 2007.

dead cabinet dead cabinet - inside

face view of Dead Cabinet

face view of Dead Cabinet

Dead Cabinet - open drawers

Dead Cabinet - open drawers

And if You want to buy this unique cabinet You can to it  h e r e for a 400,000.00 USD
(Yes You read right , I copy-pasted the price to get the zeros right.And if You to not believe me or the site is gone or they changed the price , here is a picture of it.)